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Slicker Brush For Dog Grooming

Slicker Brush For Dog Grooming

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A Slicker Brush For Dog Grooming is the right tool for basic daily grooming.


Slicker brushes are the most versatile of dog brushes. They are suitable for short-haired and long-haired breeds, dogs with thick undercoats and dogs with long silky coats. Whatever kind of coat your dog has, your dog will benefit from daily grooming with a slicker brush. 


Daily brushing is important for 3 major reasons. First, it removes loose hair and debris like dried leaves. Second, it stimulates the secretion of oil, which moisturizes your dog's skin and coat. Third, it is a wonderful opportunity for bonding with your dog. For dogs with long hair, daily grooming offers a fourth benefit: it removes knots and tangles, preventing large mats from forming.


This slicker brush is thorough yet gentle. Its 1/4 inch long teeth are long enough to remove loose hair, yet short enough to not irritate your dog's skin. The handle features a rubbery comfort grip to keep it comfortable and secure in your hand. 


For easy, effective grooming, this tool will get the job done. Order your Slicker Brush For Dog Grooming today.

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