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Spiked Leather Dog Collars

Spiked Leather Dog Collars

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You may have seen other spiked leather dog collars, but you haven't seen ones like these.


These collars start with bison leather. Then, the leather is cured in the Latigo tanning method to its rich black color. This results in a soft yet extremely durable leather. How durable is it? This leather is used in equestrian equipment like bridles, so you know it will hold up well on your dog. Finally, spikes are added to let the world know just how tough your dog is.


These durable, high-quality spiked leather collars are available in 8 sizes:


Collar Length Collar Width
9" 1/2"
10" 1/2"
11" 3/4"
14" 3/4"
16" 1"
18" 1"
20" 1"
22" 1"


If you want the perfect spiked collar for your dog, this is it. Order yours today.

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