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Summer Dog Boots For Hot Pavement

Summer Dog Boots For Hot Pavement

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These summer dog boots are the best boots on the market for protecting your dogs paws from hot pavement.  Here's why:


This patented dog boot is designed with heat in mind. (U.S. Patent 7,971,557. Canadian Patent 2,486,628.)  From the layering of the sole to the materials used in the design, this boot will reflect hot temparatures.  In fact, during testing these booties have been shown to deflect up to 75 degrees of heat. 


Additionally, the soles have excellent traction and are perfect for use on pavement, stones, asphalt, docks, boats, and sand. Specially designed foam pads help to further protect your dog from the heat, while making the boots fit comfortably. The mesh upper allows your dog's paws to breathe while the boot deflects external heat. They are easy to put on, and once on, the 2 adjustable straps keep them on.


As you probably already know, your dog cools his or her temperature by panting and by shedding heat through his paw pads. Hot pavement keeps your dog from maintaining normal body temperature and may burn your dog's pads. Protecting your dog's paws from the hot pavement is important if you are taking your dog out for more than the briefest of walks.


The Summer Dog Boots For Hot Pavement come in sets of four. See the chart below for sizing help. Sizes are based on the width of your dog's paw. 


Size Paw Width
Petite 1 1/2"
X-Small 1 3/4"
Small 2 1/4"
Medium 2 3/4"
Large 3 1/4"
X-Large 4"


We know these boots are pricier than most, but that is because of the research and materials used to create this boot.  If you live in areas where the temparature exceeds 90 degrees on pavement then these boots, manufactured by Ultra Paws, are the right boots for your dog.  Please keep your dog cool this summer.

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