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Thunder Jacket For Dogs

Thunder Jacket For Dogs

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Here's some feedback we've gotten about the Thunder Jacket:


"...It's a lifesaver! (Without it, he's prone to jump up in my lap during thunderstorms!)  When we know a thunderstorm is coming, he will actually come and lean on us when we ask him if he wants his Thundershirt on! ... He is 100x better with it on!" - Buffy S. (Arvada, CO)

"My dog has one and it is one of the weapons in my arsenal to help her deal with fireworks and thunderstorms." - Amy S. (Lomira, WI)



The Thunder Jacket For Dogs by Thundershirt is a reliable solution for dog anxiety. As seen on TV, this dog anxiety vest has proven to reliably relieve your dog's stress caused by :

  •    Thunderstorms    
  •    Fireworks    
  •    Vet visits   
  •    When strangers come to the house

How Does The Thunder Jacket Work?


The same way swaddling wraps soothe a baby; the gentle pressure from the snug "doggie vest" gives your dog calming relief. This dog swaddle jacket eliminates anxiety-related behaviors like excessive barking, shaking, and panting.


No waiting for medication to take effect and no training needed. For best results, give your dog a few opportunties of wearing the vest for the full benefits to be realize.


What Size Should I Choose?


To get the most accurate chest measurement, use a soft measuring tape and measure all the way around your dog's chest just behind the front legs.  Putting it on your dog is easy, it wraps around your dog's torso like a vest would and the velcro holds the jacket in place.


Size Chest Measurement   Typically Fits Dogs Weighing
XX-Small 9 - 13 inches Less than 7 lbs.
X-Small 13 - 17 inches 8 - 14 lbs.
Small 17 - 21 inches 15 - 25 lbs.
Medium 21 - 25 inches 26 - 40 lbs.
Large 25 - 30 inches 41 - 64 lbs.
X-Large 30 - 37 inches 65-110 lbs.
XX-Large 37 - 50 inches More than 110 lbs.


We are the only place that will give you 100 days to test this product out for yourself.  Recommended by trainers and veterinarians nationwide, the Thunder Jacket for Dogs gives your dog effective anxiety relief.  It's a proven natural solution - order yours today.

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