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The Ultimate Dog Travel Bag

The Ultimate Dog Travel Bag

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Does your dog need more on the road than fits in your pockets? The Ultimate Dog Travel Bag makes it easy to keep all the necessities handy.


Regular backpacks are made for human needs. This backpack is made for you and your dog.


It includes:

   •  2 detachable bowls for food and water

   •  A carabiner to attach a leash for hands-free control

   •  Easy-to-reach baggie dispenser for when your dog has to "go"

   •  Pocket in the shoulder strap to store treats, your MP3 player, or cell phone

   •  Detachable water bladder with spout to keep you and your dog hydrated easily

   •  Adjustable shoulder strap with thick padding for your comfort

   •  Multiple pockets for anything else you need to carry


Traditional water bladder backpacks cost $100 and up. This one is high-quality without being high price and is designed for you and your dog's needs.


Never be without critical supplies for your dog again. Order your Ultimate Dog Travel Bag today.

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