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Wall Mounted Auto Dog Waterer

Wall Mounted Auto Dog Waterer

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The Wall Mounted Automatic Waterer is stong enough for even the biggest dogs. There are fence and wall mounts included to ensure stability in case your dog is particularly rowdy.

Connect it to your hose and the float valve will automatically provide fresh water consistently.

This automatic water bowl is so easy to clean, there is a easy to open drain for draining old water. It's made from heavy duty, high-density plastic - this makes it rust-proof, durable, quick to clean and sun resistant.

Holds 1.5 gallons so even the thirstiest hounds have water all day.  Ideal for medium to large dogs, and great if you have several of them. No extra training is needed.

Don't need something so big or wall-mounted? Try our Automatic Water Bowl for Dogs.

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