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Bikejoring Equipment

Bikejoring Equipment

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Do you love the feel of wind in your face as you pedal downhill on a warm spring day? This Bikejoring Equipment package gives you the equipment you need to share the joy of riding with your dog.


The package includes one of each of the following pieces of equipment:


   •  Bikejoring Harness: This patented harness is adjustable in 5 places to fit your dog perfectly. (US Patent 8,561,577B1) The harness makes pulling comfortable and efficient, maximizing your dog's effort. Its design ensures that your dog cannot back out of the harness, keeping him securely tethered. The pulling weight is distributed to minimize stress on your dog's hips as he enjoys the run. 


   •  Tow Line: The tow line is 10 feet long so you have plenty of space to let your dog run ahead of your bike tires. One end has a loop so you can thread the line through the loop around whatever part of the bike you want to connect to the line. The other end is a durable brass snap for connecting to the harness. The line's bungee section absorbs the impact of jerks to minimize their impact on you.


All you need to supply is the dog and the bike.


Available in 2 size combinations:


Bikejoring Equipment Package Harness Size*
Large Large (Collar size 12 - 24 inches; weight 30 - 75 pounds)
Huge Huge (Collar size 20 - 34 inches; weight 75 - 120 pounds)


* To find your dog's collar size, measure around the base of his neck where the collar sits. If your dog fits into both collar sizes, use his weight to determine which harness will fit best.


Get everything but the bike in one convenient bundle. Order your Bikejoring Equipment today.

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