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Dog Leashes For Large Dogs

Dog Leashes For Large Dogs

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Dog Leashes For Large Dogs aren't just bigger or longer than regular leashes. They're specially designed to improve the experience of walking big dogs.


These leashes are designed for dogs up to 275 pounds. The nylon leash features a core made of advanced rubber technology which acts as a shock absorber. Big dogs have real strength when they pull, and this rubber prevents that pull from putting stress on your arms, shoulders, and neck.


The handle is more than your standard loop. It holds the same shape whether the leash is taut or loose, preventing pinched hands from sudden tugs. Even better, the handle is cushioned to increase comfort. 


Built for durability, the leash is weather and water resistant. It is 36" long to keep your dog close and under control. If you have two dogs, you can get the same benefits for both with the Dog Leash Coupler For 2 Dogs.


Enjoy the comfort of Dog Leashes For Large Dogs. Order yours today.

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