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Everlasting Refills

Everlasting Refills

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These Everlasting Refills are great chew toys for smart dogs.


Made for use with the Everlasting Treat Ball, these treats can be used with the toy or alone. Their texture replicates that of a bone, giving your dog a tough treat for chewing, licking, or gnawing. Its ridged design helps fight tartar to improve dental health.


Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large to fit Small (2 1/2 inch), Medium (3 3/4 inch), and Large (5 inch) Everlasting Treat Balls.


Select from 3 flavors:

   •  Chicken

   •  BBQ

   • Wheat/Corn/Soy Free - great for dogs with food allergies


All flavors come in packs of 2 and are good for use alone or with the Everlasting Treat Ball. Order yours today.

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