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Everlasting Treat Ball

Everlasting Treat Ball

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Want a treat toy that your dog can chew on for hours? Enter the Everlasting Treat Ball.


The treat ball is made of a durable material made for chewing. Each end has a flexible opening for filling with treats or food. Cap one or both ends with an Everlasting Treat to increase the level of difficulty for your dog.


This toy is ideal for reducing boredom and increasing mental stimulation. Perfect if your dog:

   •  Has separation anxiety

   •  Gets bored easily

   •  Causes trouble when left alone

   •  Loves chewing and treats


The treat ball is made to be safe for your dog in every way. It is free of latex, vinyl, and phthalates, which irritate sensitive dogs and people. It is dishwasher-safe so you can easily clean it by tossing it in the top rack. Even if you cut it with a knife, you would not be able to tear it into smaller pieces. This means that unlike many other chew toys, it will not break into small pieces, making it safer for your dog.


Available in 3 sizes:


Size Diameter Recommended For
Small 2 1/2 inches Dogs 12 pounds or less
Medium 3 3/4 inches Dogs up to 40 pounds
Large 5 inches Dogs over 40 pounds


This Everlasting Treat Ball includes one everlasting treat. Refills available in 2-packs.


Give your dog a challenge that pays off with treats. Order your Everlasting Treat Ball today.

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