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Pet Auto Barrier

Pet Auto Barrier

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If you are looking for affordable pet barriers for cars, look no further.


Dogs traveling in cars can be a dangerous distraction to the driver - when they try to climb into the front seat, when they want to ride in your lap, when they want your attention.  It's also dangerous for the dogs, who are at more risk of injury in the front seat.


This pet auto barrier keeps them safely in the back seat of your car.  It installs quickly and easily to prevent your dog from climbing into the front seat.



   •  Adjustable straps create a custom fit for your vehicle.  Fits most vehicles with headrests.
   •  Simple to install
   •  Measures 15" wide by 21" high


If your dog sees a barrier and respects it, this will work well for you.  Add one to your cart now to start traveling more safely.


If your dog is more determined to ride up front with you, you need one of our heavy-duty auto dog barriers.

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