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Giving Till It Hurts: A Renewed Mission

Dear Paw Posse Members:

Its our anniversary!  

Yep, we are another year closer to our shared goals.  Today, you are hearing from me, Hernan, the other half of, because Sonia has sprained both of her hands writing these blog posts, fulfilling orders, and generally doing all the grunt work that it takes to run an online shop.  Seriously, she works hard for you, often putting in 15 hour days, to bring you the best information, news, and big dog products we can find.  The best compliment and Thank You that you can give her is to choose for all your big dog needs.  If you can’t find something, just let us know.  So I thought I’d write today’s post as a recap of the past year and a reaffirmation of the Paw Posse Mission.  If you approve, click the like button above.

As you probably already know, we are advocates of the big dog lifestyle. But what does that mean?  For starters, it means your choice to have a big dog as a pet came with certain consequences that little dog or cat owners don’t have to face.  We get that, we’re big dog lovers too.  For example, have you seen a big dog carrier that ladies can wear over their shoulder?  Also, no one gets intimidated or walks the other way from the woman walking her schnauzer.  But have you had this happen to you while walking your Great Dane or Doberman?  These stigmas are at best silly, and at their worst have villagers taking up pitchforks and screaming “Not in my town”. So first things first, we are educating people about the awesomeness and gentleness of big dogs.  

The other half of our mission comes from an experience Sonia had not that long ago.  Maybe this has happened to you. Have you ever walked into a big box pet store, or even a boutique pet shop and looked for something for your big dog? We’ve noticed 2 things happen:

1) They define large dog in a very funny way as this recent picture shows.  


2) They just don’t carry things for giant breed dogs.  

In case you are wondering why it is because there are more little dogs owners that go out shopping for things for their little dogs and so little dog products ‘fly off the shelf’ whereas big dog products sit there.  So us big dog lovers get less selection, or no selection from those kinds of places.

So was formed to teach people about the greatness of big dogs and to demonstrate to manufacturers that there is a big underserved marketplace: us big dog lovers.  In the last 365 days we have gone from 5 people per day to having 200+ visitors per day.  We average 4 new articles per week, and these articles often achieve 1000+ visitors.  We have learned that big dog owners needs beds, boots, harnesses, toys, and more.  The Posse is now 3100 Facebook fans, 750 Twitter followers, and 500 people subscribe to the newsletter.  We have learned that big dog supplies are created seasonly, so we have had as many as 150 products for sale, but have seen that number dip to 105 recently.  So we just added a new supplier last week. Expect a whole new selection of products for the spring!  And if you work for a dog product manufacturer, take note: big dog lovers are out there and we want stuff for our dogs!

And if you don’t work for a dog supplies manufacturer, then help us help you.  We need 3 things:

1- Join the Posse.  When we go to a new supplier or manufacturer with an idea or needing some accessories, they want us to demonstrate our size.  We are taken more seriously now, with our current Posse, than last year at this time.  Thank you – we can’t do this without you.

2- Spread the word.  If you follow us on social media, then like us, follow us, and share us.  The bigger the Posse, the better pricing we can get for you.

3- We want to hear from you!  This isn’t a club where no one knows the leaders.  My name is Hernan Charry, I operate mostly behind the scenes, and my partner Sonia Singh is the creative force behind the Posse.  She’s the one writing the dog articles, responding to your tweets, and interacting on Facebook.  And we need to hear from you.  We can’t do this without you.  We need to know what problems you are having, what questions you need answered, and what products you just can’t seem to find.  Just fill out the contact form and tell us how to better serve you.  Thank you for choosing us to be your big dog advocates.



P.S. If you know any good dog trainers, please have them contact us.  We are setting up a new, no-charge program to help them promote their business.
P.P.S. If you have a reputable dog rescue that caters to big dog breeds exclusively, please let us know.  We have a program in place that helps them raise funds for their cause though donations from us.  
P.P.P.S. (Is that even really a thing?)  Thanks again for all your support this past year.  I know I speak for Sonia when I say the past year has been full of nervousness, excitement, and there were definitely times where we wondered if this would work.  Now, we know we are on the right path.  Keep reading, keep visiting the site, and of course, keep buying helpful large dog supplies your dog needs. You are great!


Photo credit: Theresa Thompson

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