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If you want to do volunteer work with animals, there are a lot of ways you can help. Here are 8 easy ways you can get started today.

Tim Burton turns the classic Frankenstein story on its tail into a love story between a boy and his dog. Get a dog lover's review here.

I'm picky about my dog's healthcare. Believe me when I say Del Lago Veterinary Hospital is an example of what a vet experience should be like.

Looking for a high quality dog food that has never had a recall? Read our Rotations dog food review to see if it's right for your dog. is proud to offer the following high-quality dog products from K&H Manufacturing.

We're doing a giveaway of Disney's newest Buddies film, following the adventures of 5 Golden Retriever puppies. Enter here.

I'm joining the second annual Pet Blogger Challenge!

Dog rescue stories are competing to raise support for rescue organizations from across the country, and your votes determine the winner.

The Posse has lent their support to big dog charities in a big way! Here are the results and what we plan to do for the next three months.

High dog sitting rates don't guarantee you good service. Low dog sitting rates don't either. Here are 3 questions you should ask before hiring a dog sitter.

The Animal Rescue Site turns your mouse clicks into donations. One click and voila, you've donated food to animals in shelters.

If you've ever wanted to foster dogs, here's a realistic look at how it works.

If you�re not looking into dog adoption right now, you can still support this worthy cause by entering a photo of your pup into the contest. Which category will your big dog be entering?

But it is for a good cause. Jody Brown of Racing Home Greyhound Adoption explains her special program.

Did you know- there are walks for canine cancer? Check out how successful they are and how to get involved.

AAA is running a dog photo contest where they want to see photos of your big dog traveling safely.

When most people decide to adopt a dog, what they really want is a puppy. This means that older dogs are often overlooked at shelters.

'I felt like someone told me my kid was a genius.' The story of how a dog changed the lives of abused kids in Phoenix.

Gabriel's Angels is a nonprofit with the tagline of "Pets Helping Kids." I attended their 10th anniversary breakfast this morning and wow, what a powerful organization.

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