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I didn't set out to adopt a special needs dog. But the joy special needs dogs bring just might surprise you (like it did me).

When your dog is a major part of daily life, it's only fair she gets a say in some of the decisions.

Like other dogs and owners, we've struggled with Nala's weight. Finally, we have success to share.

Joining the Pet Blogger Challenge of 2013 - here's a look back at the Large Dog Blog in 2012 and where it's going in 2013.

What do you do if your dog is either pulling ahead on walks or stopping every other step to smell the roses? How I made walks fun again.

Must decide: Guard duty or sunbathing? Sunbathing or guard duty? There's a clear winner.

The theme for this week's Wordless Wednesday: Pals.

What does a daddy's girl look like when it's a dog?

My dog eats too fast! Fast eating should be a cause for concern. The good news is there's actually a way to minimize your dog's risk.

Sonia takes you behind-the-scenes to see why Nala the mutt makes such a great office-mate.

Part of why I got a big dog was to feel more secure. Talk about 24-hour security.

For the first time, I am asking someone to watch my special needs dog.

We've spent a lot of time with the vet the last few weeks, and it's left me feeling like the mother of a reckless superspy.

I thought I was taking my dog to visit family for Christmas. Instead, it turns out I took an extra-large piece of Velcro.

A glimpse behind-the-scenes of why I am thankful for my big dog Nala each and every day.

Up, down, back on the upswing - struggling with a dog's yo-yo weight.

My dog has separation anxiety. Here's how we discovered it and what is working (that you can try too).

When you're dealing with deformed dogs, health care is an uphill battle. Here's how I give my dog the best life possible.

Its our anniversary! Yep, we are another year closer to our shared goals.

We all have stories about our dogs that are embarassing. Here are two of mine.

Interested in becoming a therapy dog? Here's one dog's story of a pit stop on the road to therapy dog greatness.

The saddest blog post I have ever written. It was time. 16 years is a good long life. She was ready. is one of 6 company's selected for a Business of the Year award from Amercian Family Insurance's Business Accelerator Program.

The results are in- we have a winner in the Guess The Mutt Contest! Find out what breeds the DNA test found in the mascot mutt and if they were correct.

Readers offered tips on getting my dog to chew so she would get the most nutrition out of her food. Here are those tips, along with what worked.

Nala, mystery mutt & mascot, has officially been DNA tested and identified as a mix of 4 different breeds. Can you guess what they are?

Dogs & Drinks is a casual outdoor event for dogs and dog lovers. We'll be spending the late afternoon and early evening outside on a patio with light snacks provided.

Dog food nutrition is really important. So we need your feedback on a fast eating dog.

Making people cry at 8 in the morning just isn't fair. But that's exactly what Mike Arms, head of the Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC), did.

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