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Category: Dog Health Questions

We know dogs feel emotions. They express joy, fear, and pain. But what about something more serious? Do dogs get depressed?

Here are 5 possible reasons why your dog is limping, plus how to prevent further injury and give your dog relief.

If your dog has a seizure, he'll need you to understand & recognize it. Why do dogs have seizures & what can you do for them?

Parvo spreads easily, acts quickly, and needs fast action. How do dogs get parvo, how do you know if your dog has it, and what should you do?

Ever wondered how many times a day should you feed your dog? Decide which of the 3 approaches are right for your pooch.

It's as important to keep your dog mentally stimulated as it is to keep your dog physically active. Find out why and a few fun ways to keep your dog's brain active.

Common lore tells us dogs are color-blind. Based on scientific research, however, this is not quite true. What colors do dogs see?

Get answers here to your questions about symptoms of pregnancy, how long are dogs pregnant, and how to care for a pregnant dog.

Many dogs love table scraps, but not all human foods are safe for dogs. Fruit seems healthy, but can dogs eat fruit?

Many of us have had pink eye. What about our pets - can dogs get pink eye? Is it contagious? What should you do about it? Answers here.

Many dog owners have wondered - why does my dog eat poop? There's actually a (somewhat) reasonable explanation.

Questions lead to more questions, like - Do dogs sweat like people do? And how do dogs cool down when they're hot? Answers here.

The reason why your dog kicks grass after relieving himself may not be what you think. Read this for the real reason why.

Answers to female dog owners' common questions, from how long does a dog's period last to how to prepare for it.

It's a common treat, but it may not be the best one for your dog. Can dogs eat cheese? How to tell if it's OK for your dog.

Read this to find out how do dogs get colds, what you can do to provide relief, and when you should call the vet.

Of all the health complaints dog owners face, throwing up is one of the most common. Here is how to tell what is going on and what to do.

When you look at your adorable puppy, it is tempting to wish they would stay that size forever. When do dogs stop growing?

There are many kinds of worms that affect dogs' health. This post answers the question of how do dogs get worms and how to handle it.

Answers to common questions about dogs in heat, including: How long are dogs in heat? How do I recognize it? What should I do about it?

Your questions on dog DNA testing answered, including how they figure out the breeds, how much it costs, is a cheek swab or blood test is better, & more.

Between vets, the FDA, and popular opinion, there is no clear answer. Get the facts here and make your decision if dogs can eat chicken bones.

We know dogs can see and smell better than humans, but what about taste? Do dogs have taste buds?

There are 4 main reasons why dogs sneeze. There are 4 main reasons, both medical and behavioral. Which is your dog doing?

What is the cost to spay a dog? Why should I do it? Get answers to common questions about spaying and neutering dogs.

Wild dogs and wolves do it. What about our pets? Can dogs eat raw meat? Get the facts and decide if it's right for your dog.

Dogs sleep differently than humans do, and what's normal varies from dog to dog. These four main factors determine how much dogs sleep.

Humans have 32, How many teeth do dogs have? Do they have baby teeth and adult teeth? Get your dog teeth questions answered here.

Why does my dog eat grass? It's a common question. Here are 3 causes and what to do about it.

A lot of human foods are dangerous, but if you're wondering what human food can dogs eat, there are plenty. Here are 13 safe choices.

Why does my dog chew his paws? Here are 5 causes for paw chewing and how to get over them.

Is your dog overweight? Mine was - but we finally got it under control. Here's how.

Does it really matter? Why would you bother breed testing a dog? A few logical reasons, actually, including making your vet happy.

Why are dog vaccines so important?

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