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The research has been completed, and yes, dogs can read human facial expressions. Learn more about this phenomenon here.

National Take Your Dog To Work Day is Friday, June 21. Will your dog be spending the day with you? Here are 7 tips for making it a great day.

Those unfamiliar with the breed have many questions: Are pit bulls dangerous? Should they be banned? Here's what the evidence says.

They provide us love and joy, but is there more? Here are 4 real health benefits of owning a pet. Your doctor will be happy.

Yes, it's true. Read his full statement here and the one sentence he should live by.

How a premium dog food company is transforming the lives of homeless dogs across the nation.

Big black dog rescue is desperately needed. They end up overlooked at shelters over and over - why?

Free puppy ads are often bait for scam victims. Here are 4 ways to tell if it's a real ad or a scam that will cost you thousands..

No special training needed, this dog knew when her friend needed help and stepped up to be his guide. Sweet story.

During this season of giving, is putting dogs in foster homes for the holidays. What's behind this program and how does fostering help?

Which dog rescue story won the contest for a chance to appear live on TV at the National Dog Show? You won't believe this dog's story.

It's a rare story: a canine bites someone, and common sense prevails. Here's what happened and how others can learn from this case.

October is National Pet Wellness Month. In the spirit of wellness, here are 7 things to think about this month for your dog's health.

Is Steven Seagal a puppy killer, or is he a media hound taking advantage of a puppy's death to boost his own ratings?

15 cities want local dog parks, but only one will win $100,000 to build it. Is your city nominated? Who's nominated and how to vote for your favorite.

Think your dog could be a star? Enter Holistic's dog casting calls to win 10 years' worth of free dog food and a spot in an ad campaign.

When a homeless man said his dying wish was to see his dog, his community came together to make his wish come true.

Giving thanks to both soldiers and dogs in the military who have given their lives to protect our country.

Stories behind the annual ugly dog competition get exposed in a new documentary about the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. See the trailer here.

No? Me neither. Help us get this disgusting app taken down.

Looking for dog park grants? This contest is giving away $100k to build an unleashed dog park. Click here to find out how to enter.

Do you know what the 10 most common causes of dog surgery are? And that one of the most common causes is preventable? Get the details here.

If you enjoy books about dogs, don't miss Jim Gorant's

The Japan earthquake has left behind thousands of victims. Among them are dogs like these two, who are sticking together... no matter what.

Can sick dogs pass diseases to their human family? Find out the truth about whether you should let Fido share your bed and give you sloppy kisses.

Before you start searching eBay for pets for sale, read our article about the dangers of doing so. Educate yourself on adopting a dog or other pet.

According to this survey, pet parents are willing to give up a lot. How do you compare to the "average"?

A survey shows certain trends between owners of different types of pets. What does having a big dog say about your career?

Voters in Missouri passed a groundbreaking proposition to protect dogs from the horrors of puppy mills and we can't ignore it. This is something to celebrate!

One reason why we love our big dogs so much is the unconditional love and devotion they give us. This sweet video shows one dog whose devotion to her master is never-ending.

Wondering what is the best car for dogs? Whether you like eco-friendly hybrids, luxury vehicles, or something in between, this list of the best car for dogs has you covered.

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