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A solid list of jobs for dog lovers. How many of these jobs involving dogs could you think of?

Some good dog names fit better than others. These are the top 20 dog names in Maricopa County, AZ.

5 common myths stop people who might otherwise adopt rescue dogs. We bust these 5 myths to show why you should consider adopting a rescue dog.

A dog's watery eyes may signal many different issues. Is one of them sadness? Do dogs cry? Find out what makes your dog tear up.

Do dogs dream? Yes, definitely. What do they dream about? That is a little murkier. Here's what we know. believes in big dogs. We are advocates for the big dog lifestyle. Here are 10 reasons why big dogs should be your pet of choice.

From the hunter wolf to the companions we know and love today - what do we know about the evolution of dogs? A story told in pictures.

Researchers have found that male and female dog brains are more different than previously thought. How would your dog do with this test?

There are pros and cons to traveling with your dog. Here's why it's absolutely worth it.

Shopping for a dog lover? Here are 10 gifts for dog lovers by personality type.

If you love Christmas and big dogs, you'll want to see Disney's newest movie, starring 4 Great Pyrenees pups. Enter to win a free copy here.

About 50 percent of pet owners travel with their pets. Why is this and what does it look like in action? Here's why vacations with your dog are fun.

Many people love big dogs but not a big furry mess. Check out these 7 breeds of big dogs that don't shed much.

It is a myth that black tongued dogs must be at least part Chow Chow. Here are 37 other dogs with black tongues and how they got that way.

Wondering what crazy names people come up with for their dogs? Here are the top 10 weird dog names of the year.

If you're looking for dog breeds good with children, don't rule out large breeds. These 9 big breeds are great companions for kids.

What does it look like when a dog is ticklish? Can dogs be ticklish?

Of all the sounds dogs make, howling is the most distinct. It reminds us of their wolf ancestry but raises questions too. Why do dogs howl?

If your dog loves to play with water, here are some ideas for keeping your dog happy and cool this summer.

Do you have a fantastic photo of your dog? It could win you a prize from Kimpton Hotels and partners valued at over $2000.

When a dog joins the family, all the rules change. For the dog's benefit.

This captioned photo shares the sentiment many of us share about Michael Vick.

Funny photo of a dog who thinks she's the cutest.

Funny but true... this is inner strength.

A new twist on an old tradition, dog skijoring is popular with outdoor-loving dog owners. Read this to find out why and how you can start.

If you're a serious dog lover, you will not want to miss this book.

Have great photos of your dog? Enter them by Nov. 30, 2011 to win $300, your photo in a book, and a hotel travel card.

Fri., Aug. 26 is National Dog Day 2011. To celebrate, here are 10 ways to show your dog how special he is.

Struggling to find good puppy names for girl dogs? Find one in this list of 50 names and their meanings.

Need a name for your new dog? Check out this list of 50 best dog names for male puppies to find the perfect name.

Do you enjoy traveling with your dog? Here are the 10 best cities to vacation with dog and what to check out in each one.

This dog needs to go to the bathroom, but where he's about to do his business doesn't look like grass! Funny - you have to see it to believe it.

A lot of large dog owners have a hard time finding large dog stuff. Here's one example of why that may be.

Looking to take the perfect picture of your dog? Here are 10 dog photography tips to capture memories you'll cherish forever.

Is your favorite celeb a big dog lover? Read this list and find out.

Plenty of dogs are on Twitter, but there's one dog who is a little bit different. @JamesBondtheDog He's a Bassett Hound and a dog spy mix.

Lots of places offer dog photos with Santa around the holidays. Are they right for your dog? Ask yourself these 4 questions to know if your dog will enjoy the occasion.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are 11 reasons I'm thankful for dogs.

Looking for quotes about dogs? Here's a collection that is sure to make you smile.

Think your dog gets into trouble? Check out stories of these award-winning mischief makers.

Some of your dog's oddest behaviors come from their ancient ancestors.

Some people are dog owners. I'm a dog mom. This is why.

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