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National Take Your Dog To Work Day

National Take Your Dog To Work Day is this Friday, June 21.  Will your dog be spending the day with you?

The annual event was started back in 1999 by Pet Sitters International.  The purpose:  to showcase what great companions dogs are and to encourage pet adoption.  They also want employers to see the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.
The research backs it up.  Surveys of pet-friendly workplaces indicate increased morale, higher productivity, and happier employees.  It’s a medical fact that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, so in a stressful environment like an office dogs certainly have the power to improve the situation.
 national take your dog to work day 
"Good job, Mom.  I thought it was a great idea."
If you’re ready to pack your dog’s briefcase and take him in on Friday, here are 7 tips for a great day at the office with your best friend:
1)  Be honest about your dog’s temperament.  Is he calm around other dogs?  Will he lay down quietly while you’re on an important call?  Or will he be a distraction and nuisance?  Only take him if you know he can act appropriately in an office.  Otherwise, it'll just be frustrating for you and your dog.
2)  Clear it with coworkers ahead of time.  Of course you need company approval, but check with those who work close by you too.  If they have allergies, they won’t appreciate the furry surprise on Friday, no matter how sweet your dog is.
3)  Have a travel dog bed and collapsible dog bowl handy.  Travel dog beds are easy to carry in and out of the office, and give your dog a place to be comfortable.  The collapsible dog bowl keeps your dog hydrated in a portable bowl.
4)  Find dog-friendly entrances and exits.  I once worked in a building where the only direct path from the parking garage to my floor was an elevator.  My Pomeranian got so scared on the elevator that she pooped right then and there.  She was terrified; I was mortified.  Needless to say, we took the multiple staircases necessary to get downstairs again.  
5)  Have plenty of poop bags on hand.  Have them on you wherever you and your dog go.  
6)  Know where to go for a patch of grass.  Your dog will need bathroom breaks a few times during the day.  Know where they are ahead of time.
7)  Bring treats and toys to reward good behavior.  Kongs are ideal for this – they’re not squeaky, which would be disruptive in an office, and you can fill them with snacks to entertain and reward your dog.
Will you be participating in National Take Your Dog To Work Day this year?  Have you in years past?  Share your tips, stories, and photos with us on the Facebook page.
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Photo credit:  Wyscan

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