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Rotations dog food review

When I found out a high-quality dog food company was good for allergies and easy to change formulas, I was skeptical. How would that work? Once I did a thorough Rotations dog food review, including reviewing their ingredients and talking to the company, I was convinced that this wasn’t too good to be true.

There are 3 things that convinced me Rotations is the real deal: quality of ingredients, focus on preventing health issues, and concern for the customer.

Quality Of Ingredients
I’m pretty picky about ingredients in food, both my own and the dog’s. I believe simpler is better when it comes to nutrition – no artificial or highly processed stuff in my house. When I checked out the ingredients in the 3 formulas Rotations offers, I was impressed. Ingredients included:
   •  Chicken
   •  Spinach
   •  Fish Oil
   •  Blueberries
   •  Salmon
   •  Carrots

Perhaps more importantly, here is what’s NOT included:
   •  Meat by-products of any kind. That’s the cheap “meat” many low quality foods use that comes from parts of the animal you would never eat.
   •  Corn, wheat, soy. These cheap fillers have little to no nutritional value and are common causes for allergic reactions.
   •  Added sugar or artificial flavors. I don’t see why these are necessary unless the food is so full of junk that dogs won’t eat it any other way.
   •  Artificial preservatives, colors, or dyes. Artificial colors and dyes appeal to human buyers. Nothing to do with nutrition.

You can see why I was impressed by the ingredients. The three formulas (Natural Chicken And Brown Rice, Wild Salmon With Peas And Carrots, and New Zealand Lamb And Potato) have none of the ingredients that keep me from buying most foods you see at the store. Even better, they have real ingredients for real nutrition.

High quality ingredients? Check.

Focus On Preventing Health Issues
The nutritionists at Rotations put a lot of thought into their balanced formulas. Some of the health issues their diet works to prevent:

Joint issues. Ingredients like glucosamine and fish oil support joint health, especially in large dogs. Many dog owners feed supplements to get the benefits of glucosamine and fish oil; Rotations has it in the food.

Prevent digestive issues from switching foods. Many commercial dog food companies tell you not to switch foods because it will irritate your dog’s stomach. Conveniently, this means that once they have you buying their food, they’ve got you convinced you shouldn’t buy any other kind. Rotations dog food comes in 3 formulas, each developed to work seamlessly with the other. If you want to switch between their formulas, you can do so without a phasing-in period or a sick dog.

Food allergies. Many dogs are allergic to corn, wheat, and soy. My dog is allergic to both corn and soy, and you’d be amazed how many foods she can’t eat because of those two ingredients. Once her diet was free of these ingredients, I noticed a dramatic change in her health. No more red, watery eyes; no waxy build-up in her ears; no more constantly scratching herself and licking her paws. If your dog has food allergies, you know how hard it can be to watch. I can't tell you how good it was to see my dog's relief once those ingredients were gone.

Further, dogs can develop allergies to foods over time. Commercial dog food companies don’t mention this when they say switching foods will make your dog sick. The one-food-only approach can actually create allergies, as this video from veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker details (if you're short on time, watch starting from the 1:45 mark). By creating a food that switches ingredients without upsetting your dog’s stomach, Rotations’ 3 formulas can actually prevent your dog from forming an allergy.


Finally, Rotations has never had a recall. Their facility is designed with the utmost care to preventing any cross-contact between raw ingredients and completed foods. Finished food is bagged and sealed immediately, then held for 5 days before shipping. During that time, samples are taken every 30 minutes and sent to an independent testing facility to test for quality. Once the food has passed the rigorous quality control checks, then it’s sent to customers.

Food with concern for your dog’s health? Check.

Concern For The Customer

Rotations guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re not happy, they’ll give you a 100% refund.


If you have a question, the team at Rotations is happy to answer it. They stand behind their food and want you to feel confident in it too. I’ve called them several times myself and always received solid answers to my questions.

They also recognize that convenience is important. Rotations gives you the option to have food automatically sent to your door every 30 or 90 days. They let you know 2 weeks ahead that they’ll be sending out your order, which gives you time to make any adjustments you need. Change of address? Change of formula? No problem.

Keeping the concerned dog owner satisfied? Check.


I was really happy with what I found in my Rotations dog food review. If you're looking for a safe, high quality food for your dog, I highly recommend you try Rotations.


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