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Top 5 Apps for Dog Lovers

Top 5 apps for dog lovers

If you are the proud owner of a smart phone or iPad, chances are good that one of the first thing you looked into were apps. And if you’re an animal lover, you probably focused that search on dog-related apps. These days, there are apps for every aspect of animals. Here's a look at five of our favorites:


Pet Saver from Pet Tech: Pets can get into some tough situations and most of us have no idea what to do when an emergency presents itself. Whether your best friends “eat” a bee, sprain a leg, or eat toxic plants, Pet Saver is designed to help you with initial care until you can make the trip to the vet. While the first response should always be to drive your pet to the vet, it’s often necessary to stabilize the pet prior to transport. This app will keep you up-to-date on the best way to handle your pet’s emergencies with illustrations, articles, videos and informative advice that is available 24/7. $4.99


Paw card: This free app helps you create healthcare profiles for each one of your pets. In each file, you can list data about your pets that includes ID Tags, vaccination and medical histories, details of each vet visit, photos of your pet, and much more. The journaling function will let you quickly jot down notes on behavior, list times that medication has been administered, track weight, and more. It also contains a function that allows you to send the data to boarding and daycare facilities, veterinarians, or pets sitters.  FREE


Off-Leash: This free app from Eukanuba lets you find the nearest dog parks to you. It offers the option to either “locate me” (which triangulates your position), or enter a zip code to return the results.  While most will be using this app close to home, it’s also a great app to have when you’re travling, running errands, or taking your pet out for some off-leash playtime.  FREE


BowShot: If you aren’t the world’s best whistler, this is a great app to get your best friend’s attention. It offers five different sounds that range from a whistle to a squeaky toy, all of which will get your pets attention in a hurry. At only .99 cents, it’s the perfect app for pet people. $0.99


Touch Paw: If your pet is as into the world of tablets as you are, Touch Paw from The Amazing Treat Machine (who also makes some awesome, recycled pet toys) is available for download. This app runs through photos of common dog toys, bowls of food, and more. The goal is to get your pet to touch the screen when he sees something he likes. You can’t lose when it’s free! Download it and give it a try. FREE


And that’s a look at a few of our favorite pet-related apps. Do you have any favorites you can recommend?


Thanks to Stacy Mantle for this article. Stacy Mantle is a pet lifestyle specialist and fulltime writer who is most well-known as the founder of She currently lives in the Southwest desert with several dogs, a few cats, and a very understanding husband. View more of her work at


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Photo credit: Alan Levine

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