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Why Stainless Steel Pet Bowls Are So Popular

Stainless steel pet bowls

Dog owners and vets swear by them. What makes stainless steel pet bowls so special? 

For one thing, they’re not plastic. Dogs can easily chew and ruin plastic bowls. Plastic bowls also are more prone to bacteria build-up. Bowls that have been scratched or chewed are particularly bad – bacteria thrives in the hard-to-clean cracks and crevices. Some plastic bowls are coated with an anti-bacterial substance like Microban, but not all have this protection. Some can be sterilized by washing them in a dishwasher, but cheap bowls may not stand up to the heat of the dishwasher. 
Ceramic bowls are much better than plastic, but are not right for all dogs. Dogs that nose and nudge their bowls may break ceramic bowls if they push them off a raised stand. In the chance that a ceramic bowl gets a crack, it has the same problem as plastic bowls. Bacteria grow more easily in those cracks and are harder to clean. Ceramic bowls are often dishwasher safe, not always. Not all ceramic enamels are dishwasher safe, so be sure to check before you put one of them in the dishwasher.
Stainless steel pet bowls don’t have these issues. Dogs can try picking them up, but most don’t like the feel of metal on their teeth. Even if they do, the stainless steel won’t succumb to your dog’s teeth the way plastic would. They can handle being nosed, pushed off raised stands, etc. and won’t break. Even better, they’re safe in the dishwasher. (Just be sure to remove any rubber non-slip rings at the base before you put them in the washer.) Finally, they last seemingly forever. 
(These steel bowls are what make our automatic dog food feeder and auto dog waterer so special. They're the first automatic feeders to pour into steel bowls, making them long-lasting and easy to clean.  Click here to get your automatic dog waterer and auto dog food feeder.)
Plastic and ceramic bowls work for some dogs, but stainless steel pet bowls are popular for a reason. They’re durable, they’re safe, and they stand the test of time. If you're not happy with the bowls you have, try stainless steel.
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Photo credit: Chris Staley

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