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10 Reasons I'm A Dog Mom, Not An Owner

mom to a big dogThere are people out there that just don't get how you can be a mom to a dog.  "But it's a dog!"  Yes... and?  "Owner" implies that the dog is property, like a table.  I call myself a dog mom, rather than dog owner, because the experience is so much more than simply owning property.  I adopted Nala and that dog changed my life in ways I never expected she could.  


So, for all those who wonder why some of us call our dogs our kids, furbabies, whatever, here are 10 reasons why I call myself a dog mom and Nala family:


1)  I don't have actual kids.  I want them, eventually, but until then, I have a dog.   Don't think I think having a dog is the same as having a kid, because I don't.  My dog was potty-trained within 6 months, she could be left alone from day 1 (even if only for a few hours at a time), and all I have to do is put food and water in bowls and she's fine.  No diapers, no fussing, no finding a sitter if I want to go to a movie.  So much easier than kids.  Kids are amazing and can do tons that dogs can't (like saying "I love you" - I can't wait until I hear my own say it one day) but until then I'll be happy with sloppy wet kisses.


2)  My backyard is littered with toys.  Some of them even look like kids' toys - I bet someone from Little Tykes might mistake a few of the items in my yard for their wares.


3)  At 70 pounds, my dog still sits in my lap.  You try telling Nala she's too big for that now, and that my leg falls asleep when she does it.  


4)  Her graduation certificate is on the fridge.  Training took a lot of work for both her and me.  That certificate may have her name on it, but it's my victory too!


5)  We celebrate her birthday.  It's coming up on May 22nd. I also recognize the day I adopted her. Treats, extra affection, maybe a new toy. Much like a kid's birthday, but without the party hat.


6)  Seriously - I started a company because of the dog.  The "About Us" page has the full story if you're interested.  And the dog in the logo up there?  Nala.  


7)  She knows the words "mom" and "dad."  This was one of the more fun commands we've taught her.  My husband says "Go to Mom" and she comes to me; I say "Go to Dad" and she goes to him.  (This command is particularly useful if she's really hyper and I'm trying to work.  "Go to Dad!")


8)  Nala has her own toys at my parents' place.  This reminds me of tricks my parents used when I was a kid - I seem to remember certain things we only played with at Grandma's house.  Only now it's a bone, and it's to keep her from devouring the rawhide chew that would have lasted my family's Pomeranian a month or more.  This is part of our attempt at avoiding "sibling rivalry."  Believe me, they get jealous of the attention the other gets.


9)  My husband and I practice parenting with her.  When she was a puppy, we had to come to agreement on discipline for her.  We seriously had conversations about what we were each comfortable with and what we could agree on (time-outs in the bathroom.  Really).  Once the kids come, we'll probably not be completely ready, but a little better prepared, I hope.  


And my personal favorite...


10)  "Can Nala come out and play?"  Ah, the neighborhood kids.  They're really useful for running her out of energy.  They also play keep-away with her.  She's like the little kid they like being able to outsmart, except she's bigger than half of them.


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Photo taken by my mother, who is not grandmother to a dog.  Even though, now that I look at it, I'm holding Puppy Nala like a baby that needs burping.

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