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7 Big Dogs That Don't Shed Much

Many people love big dogs but not the furry mess. Is there such thing as big dogs that don’t shed? Yes and no. All dogs release dead hair at some point, but some shed much less than others. Here are 7 of the best large dogs that don’t shed much.


Komondor (left)
The Komondor is referred to as a “mop dog” for the dreadlock-like cords their hair forms. They typically weigh between 90 and 130 pounds full-grown. Bred as herding and guarding dogs, their protective nature continues today. They may shed as young dogs before the cords form (which occurs approximately by 2 years of age), after which time minimal hair care is needed.

Airedale Terrier
Don't let the word "terrier" fool you: this breed reaches about 65 pounds. Much like other terriers, they are playful and inquisitive. They require more maintenance of their coat than some other breeds on this list, but with regular grooming will shed very little.


These dogs are the ultimate in low-shedding dogs. Though they’re commonly known as a smaller variety, Standard Poodles are up to 70 pounds on a tall, lean frame. Intelligent and loyal, they’re a good dog for big dog lovers with allergies. Their dead hair tangles in living hair as it is released, rather than shedding to your floor. To keep it from matting, they’ll need grooming (brush plus trim) approximately 6-8 times a year.

Use the tool recommended by groomers for preventing mats and tangles -- the rotating pin comb.

Get your professional de-tangling comb here.


Bouvier Des FlandresBouvier Des Flandres (right)
These dogs were first developed for farm work. Today, they are active and protective companions. Size-wise, small females may weigh as low as 60 pounds while males may go up to 120 pounds. Their double coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting.

Giant Schnauzers look very similar to their popular little relatives. Unlike the smaller ones, Giants are typically 70-100 pounds in size. Originally bred as working dogs, Giant Schnauzers today are playful, protective companions. Their coat sheds very little but requires regular grooming.


Irish Water Spaniel
This is the largest breed of the spaniel family. Like other spaniels, they love water, are energetic, and make easy-going companions. Irish Water Spaniels require some maintenance of their curly coat to prevent matting. The AKC recommends brushing every 1-2 weeks – not extensive upkeep and easily doable.

Black Russian Terrier
The Black Russian Terrier was bred as a working dog, specifically developed by the USSR for work with their military. Today, these dogs range in size from 100-130 pounds. Their double coat will require occasional trimming.


If you're looking for a big dogs that don't shed, these breeds are a good bed. They offer a variety of temperaments, energy levels, and personalities so you can find the large breed that's right for you.


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Photo credits: Bert 23 Baum (top); raddewey (bottom)

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