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Canine Victims Of Foreclosure Crisis Get Help

big dog accessoriesOne of the less-often mentioned fallouts of the housing crisis is the animals that are left without homes.  Rather, the animals that are left with homes – but nobody living in those foreclosed homes to provide food, water or care.  


As president and CEO of a property inspection company, Cheryl Lang knew there were lots of animals being left to fend for themselves when their owners left the homes.  To combat this phenomenon, she started No Paws Left Behind (NPLB) to rescue dogs, cats and other animals abandoned in foreclosed homes.  


“Our goal is to be the voice of these silent victims and bring greater awareness and solutions to the growing phenomena of foreclosure pets," said Lang.  To reach that goal, NPLB works with no-kill shelters and rescues across the country.  Together they provide food, shelter and health care to rescued pets every day of the year.  They also help owners facing foreclosure with planning for their pet, whether that means finding a new home for the animal or helping owners afford pet deposits in their new places.


This year, NPLB celebrated a major milestone:  it rescued its 1,000th animal.  "We are thrilled and proud to have reached this momentous 1000th pet rescue milestone," said Lang. "We will continue to strive to help homeowners and their pets through this foreclosure epidemic, so that no one is left behind without a home or shelter."


What a wonderful cause.  In addition to NPLB, there are other groups with the same purpose serving local communities.  If you know any dog owners facing foreclosure let them know that there are groups out there that can help.


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Photo credit:  stebulus 

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