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Cool Dog Toys That Reduce Mess

cool dog toysCool dog toys are sometimes a lot more fun for the large dog than for you, the owner.  How many times have you come home to find your floor covered with the remains of a dog toy?  A floor littered by stuffing, with a sad deflated stuffed animal in the center of the mess?


No more worries about that.  We’ve got a new dog toy that will be fun for your dog without being a nuisance to you.  


The new Crunchy Chew Toy (pictured) is a pretty cool dog toy.  It’s like a regular stuffed animal but without the stuffing.  Your dog can chew on it, fling it around, play tug of war.  But you will never see stuffing all over your floor and couches.  Genius!  Plus, you can slip a water bottle inside.  Lots of dogs like playing with water bottles; this dog toy combines it with a stuffed animal covering for extra enjoyment.  Your big dog gets the fun of the crunchy feel and sound from a water bottle, but recognizes the stuffed animal cover.  Its easy Velcro seal allows you to replace the water bottle as necessary.


The Crunchy Chew Toy comes individually or as a 3-pack of the Wolf, Coyote and Jackal.


So, to summarize:

  • Fulfills your dog’s love of stuffed animals
  • Entertains your dog with chewing satisfaction and crunch noise
  • No messy stuffing


You owe it to yourself.  Order your dog some new cool dog toys that won’t create more work for you!


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