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Fleece Dog Beds Keep Dogs Warm And Comfortable

In winter, where would you rather sleep:  on cold tile down low, where cooler air settles, or on your bed, soft and warm, lined with fleece sheets?  You'd obviously want your bed - it will keep you warmer and prevent stiffness.  Your dog probably wants the same thing.  If you'd prefer not to share your bed with your dog (we understand, some big dogs are bed hogs) fleece dog beds will do the trick.  Here are 3 reasons why.

fleece dog bed

Stay warm- Not all dogs develop a thick enough winter coat for their environment so they need some help staying warm.  A fleece dog bed does exactly that at the two times when it’s coldest for your dog:  at night when temperatures are at their lowest, and as they sleep, when their body temperature naturally goes down.  A fleece dog bed gives them a soft place of their own to keep warm (keeping them and their hair off your couch).  A big dog is much more comfortable sleeping on a warm fleece dog bed than on cold tile in the wintertime. 

Ease pain - Just like with people, cold weather makes an older dog’s arthritic joints stiff and painful.  A warm fleece dog bed will keep those joints warmer than if your dog were sleeping on floor.  That reduces the increased pain caused by cold weather.  It also reduces stiffness so that it will be easier for your senior dog to get up out of bed.  Think about the difference between camping with a sleeping bag, and camping with a sleeping bag and mattress pad.  You’re less stiff and more ready for your day in the morning, right?  The same goes for your big dog when their bed reduces pain and stiffness.

Increase comfort - Have you noticed that some dogs have patches of thick gray skin behind their elbows?  Those are calluses that develop from laying on concrete or other hard surfaces.  The friction of bone against a hard surface aggravates the skin in between; calluses develop to protect the soft skin covering the bone.  A cushioned bed doesn’t aggravate the skin, which prevents the skin from forming those protective calluses. 

Fleece dog beds keep big dogs warm, cozy and more comfortable.  What dog doesn't deserve that?  Order a fleece dog bed today.

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