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How Can I Keep My Large Dog Contained?

how do i keep my large dog contained

We understand that there are times you need to contain your large dog.  These times might include:


   •  Puppy isn't housebroken yet
   •  One dog is recovering from a medical procedure and the other dogs are curious about stitches - ouch
   •  You have a visitor who is not comfortable with dogs
   •  You have a dog who is not comfortable with visitors
   •  You're going in and out of the house - carrying in groceries, maybe? - and don't want the dog getting loose
   •  Baby is learning to walk and doesn't need help falling
   •  You're hosting a dinner party and your dog has a habit of begging for food
   •  You're having guests over and your big dog is a jumper


Some dogs will claw and scratch at a door they're locked behind, so you can't simply shut them in a room and expect your door to look the same afterwards.  Here's another more effective solution. 


Our collapsible crate works for dogs up to German Shepherd size.  This is useful not only for keeping your large dog contained, but in crate training and housebreaking as well.  The crate is also convenient for travel, so if you're taking your dog on vacation with you, this can be Brutus's personal suite in your hotel room.  


For those times you have to keep Spike from having 100% freedom in the house at times, try something made specifically for dogs.  


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