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Furbuster vs FURminator

Furbuster vs FURminator

In the quest for the best deshedding brush, it always comes down to Furbuster vs FURminator. What are the differences and which one is better?


Both brushes use a razor-type comb to reach through the topcoat of hair to the dog's undercoat. Not all dogs have undercoats, and not all shedders have undercoats, but dogs with undercoats typically shed fiercely. Getting to this undercoat is what separates the Furbuster and FURminator from other grooming tools. They remove the dead and loose undercoat so it comes off on the brush rather than naturally shedding constantly. 


What's the difference between the brushes? The FURminator is the original. It's been around the longest and is high quality. If you look up reviews, Furbuster users are happy with their brush but FURminator users rave about it. Photos abound of dogs surrounded by puffs of hair removed by the FURminator (like the one at left from Flickr). The most common comment by FURminator users is "It's worth every penny." Other feedback includes a glossier coat and more hair removed than any other brush owners have tried.


Additionally, when groomers advertise a deshedding service, they typically use the FURminator because it has such good results. When the brush first came out, grooming salons often advertised "FURminator Treatments" because it had such good results.


The clear winner of Furbuster vs FURminator is the original. The FURminator has legions of fans and the results speak for themselves. Further, the FURminator is available in 5 sizes, with options for short hair and long hair in each size. This means you can select the brush that's perfect for your dog's coat.


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Photo credit: Deb Gray

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