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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? Shattering 5 Pit Bull Myths

Are pit bulls dangerous? Are they responsible for more attacks than other breeds? Though many breeds have been feared, these days it's the pit bull that gets a bad rap.

But is the pit bull a breed that is rightly feared? After all, there appear to be so many news reports about these dogs attacking people and that they’re trained to be fighting dogs. However, how common are stories like this when viewing the breed as a whole? Is this a case where a few bad and irresponsible owners have spoiled the bunch?

There’s no question that the portrayal of pit bulls has become increasingly negative. Through publicized incidents, misreporting and misreprsenting statistics, the media often portrays them as monsters that should be feared instead of dogs that deserve our love and respect. This infographic will deconstruct some of the most popular myths, including the pit bull’s bite strength, its aggressive temperament and ways to prevent potential incidents in the future.


Inforgraphic Are pit bulls dangerous

infographic panel 2

infographic panel 3

infographic panel 4

infographic panel 5

infographic panel 6


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Thanks to the folks at Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch near Seattle, WA for this post.


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