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How To: Choose A Dog Sitter

dog sitterPet Sitters are like having an auntie for your fur kid. You don’t have to pay them back favors. You don’t have to pack up your pet and all their toys, beds, crates. You don’t have to write a list of notes for instructions each time you leave wondering if your friend or family thinks you are crazy, if they are doing it right, or if they showed up….


It is simple. It is easy.  Every pet parent should have a relationship with a professional pet sitter.


Professional pet sitters come in hand in many circumstances and give you the ability to have the freedom to come and go when you want.

From instances when you want to go away for a quick trip last minute, to the situation where that you decided you wanted to stay away for the night and not drive home, or perhaps go straight from work to Happy Hour with the office without having to go all the way home to let the dog out and feed him; professional pet sitters can really help bridge your parental responsibilities.


Not all pet sitters are created equal. The key word in all of this is PROFESSIONAL. A professional pet sitter is someone who does it full time. They are not trying to squeeze in a visit to your pet while they are on their way to work someplace else. In the situations listed above, they are often available on a moments notice (once you are established with them) because that is their day and night job.  


Other important points to check for are the following:


(1)  Do they carry insurance and are they bonded?  This is important because if something happens on their watch (the toilet floods your whole first floor and it is the sitters fault) or they steal something and you can prove it…. Insurance and bonding will help protect you, the consumer. Also, companies that take this precaution show that they are serious about the business. Ask to see proof.


(2)  Do they have a quality name that others in the community (like veterinarians) will vouch for them? Reputation is not an easy thing to fake. Consider asking your veterinarian for a good recommendation that they personally know.


(3)  Are the accessible?  When you are away you want to know that you can get in touch with the person watching your furkid and your home. Take notice to if they answered the phone when you first called them. How long did it take for them to get back to you? Were they readily available or “so busy?”  If they were “so busy” I would reconsider hiring them.


Bella is the Pack Leader for Bella’s House & Pet Sitting in Scottsdale.  BHPS is a nationally award winning professional pet sitting service that provides dog walking, dog and cat sitting, puppy sitting, happy hour let outs, overnights, pet taxi’s and a whole lot more. If you have any questions about finding a professional pet sitter in your area, contact Bella and she would be happy to assist you!  480.330.4552


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