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Jobs For Dog Lovers: 9 Jobs Involving Dogs

We all know that if we want to work with dogs, we could become veterinarians or groomers. But what about people who love pets but don’t want one of those two careers? Here are 9 other jobs that involve dogs or other pets—and actually pay you.


Volunteer Coordinator

Organizations that connect therapy dogs to the people who need them rely heavily on volunteer coordinators. These people work with non-profits like hospitals who host the therapy teams (therapy dog plus handler), and make sure therapy teams are scheduled for the right times and places.


Dog Handler

dog with handlerThese are the people who help dogs put their amazing skills to use to help other people. Think search and rescue dogs, canine officers, and more. The photo at right shows a dog with the New Jersey Sheriff’s Office who sniffs fires to determine if chemicals were intentionally used in the fire.



The unsung heroes of the dog world, trainers help owners understand their dogs better and help dogs be as great as they can be. You can help people with everything from basic obedience to competing in sports like flyball or agility competitions. Trainers also work with professional dogs like the ones mentioned above.



This is the foundation for what trainers and others do. Much like a psychologist would people’s behavior, an animal behaviorist studies why dogs do what they do. This means you get to observe dogs in a variety of settings and scenarios and gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes.


Alternative Medicine Practitioner

As people want more alternatives to traditional medicine for themselves, the demand is going up for their dogs to receive the same therapies. Dog massage, acupuncture, and more are popular alternatives to medication that need skilled practitioners.


Dogs need personalized services, and driving is no exception. Drivers transport pets to appointments when their owners are unavailable, or they provide an alternative to other forms of travel.

Food Expert

Food experts can put their skills to work in multiple ways. Nutritionists create custom diets for dogs who have particular health needs not covered by commercial foods; food scientists help develop commercial foods to meet nutritional requirements of various types of dogs; and other scientists figure out how to make your dog’s favorite toy smell like bacon.


Resort Manager

Have an interest in hospitality service and pets? Combine those to help pet resorts and doggie daycares come up with the perfect play area for dogs away from home. Determine what services to offer, how to incorporate group play time into their schedule, and make sure both pets and owners are happy even if they have to be apart.

Dog-Friendly Office Worker

Office dogIf none of these appeal to your inner dog lover nature, find a job in your field with a company who has a dog-friendly office. Many companies are now recognizing the benefits of having pets at work, such as lower stress and improved morale. Meetings are a lot more fun when they happen to have dogs at the conference table.


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