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Military Spouses Get A Deal On Dog Training Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a dog trainer?  Are you a military spouse?  If so, Animal Behavior College has an incredible program for you:  discounted dog training courses.


The Department of Defense recently re-launched its Military Spouse Career Advancement Program (MyCAA) to help military spouses get trained in careers that can travel with them.  Before the MyCAA program was suspended, nearly 1,000 military spouses enrolled with ABC in animal-related training in under a year’s time.  


"When I think of the sacrifice and dedication of our armed forces, and I consider all they do to keep us safe, it is an honor for ABC to help military spouses by affording them the opportunity to learn the types of viable, portable careers they can utilize to assist their families,” said Steve Appelbaum, president of Animal Behavior College (ABC).  “ABC's unique distance learning technique makes for a perfect fit with the highly unpredictable and mobile lives that our military families lead.”


In addition to becoming a certified dog trainer, ABC students can also become veterinary assistants and groomers.  MyCAA provides up to $4,000 in benefits for military spouses to work towards associate’s degrees, certificates and licenses.   To further assist military spouses, ABC is offering a military discount on tuition, plus covering the cost of books and training uniforms.


This is a really brilliant program.  With distance learning and in-person dog training courses in all 50 states, ABC makes it really easy for a student who could move at any time to continue the program.  The MyCAA stipend, combined with ABC’s contributions, make it really affordable as well.  And the training programs are for careers that are needed all across the country, and most likely across the globe as well.  So wherever a military family goes, the spouse will be able to continue to follow their passion and career.


We often forget that the families of military personnel are serving our country through their own sacrifices.  Kudos to the Department of Defense and ABC for recognizing their sacrifice and providing a program that will benefit military spouses for life.


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Sources:  “Animal Behavior College welcomes return of funding for military spouse education,” PRNewswire.  October 27, 2010.   Photo credit: tutlemom4bacon

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