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Problem Solved: My Dog Eats Too Fast

My dog eats too fast“My dog eats too fast!” It’s a common problem, especially among food-motivated dogs. When Nala first started eating too fast, I was worried about her not chewing her food. But it's actually a bigger problem than that.

When dogs eat too fast, they often swallow too much air along with it – the phrase “inhaling their food” isn’t too off the mark here. That can lead to the dangerous disease called bloat. With bloat, excess air makes the stomach swell and sometimes twist, making nearby blood vessels twist and constrict. Once blood flow is restricted, dogs can die of this within a matter of hours. Deep-chested dogs like mastiffs or bulldogs are especially at risk.

So you can see why fast eating should be a cause for concern. The good news is there’s actually a way to minimize your dog’s risk.

Enter the dog bowls for fast eaters.

These bowls have bumps and curves in the bowl that the dog has to eat around. It means they have to take smaller bites, forcing them to slow down and ingest less air as they eat.  

I can testify that it has solved the problem of fast eating for my dog. Nala is a little piggy in dog form and had foiled my previous attempts to slow down her eating. So I got one of these bowls to see if it would work on her.

Nala used to eat a 2-cup bowl of food in under 30 seconds. Now, even after a few weeks with this bowl, it takes her several minutes to empty her bowl. For once, she’s actually taking long enough with each bite to look around as she chews before heading for her next bite.  Before, she never even took her eyes off the bowl. I’m a lot less concerned about her eating now that I know this bowl has slowed her down.

If you’re concerned that your dog eats too quickly, try the dog bowls for fast eaters. “My dog eats too fast” will become a thing of the past. Click the link to get yours.


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