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No-Slip Indoor Dog Boots Save Your Floors

Love your dogs?  Love your nice floors?  Hate what the two do to each other?  No-slip indoor dog boots will be your miracle worker.

Big dogs and smooth floors are a tough combination.  When a big dog takes off running, he needs traction to keep from becoming a 100-pound furball of destruction.  Otherwise, he might decide to stop running but his paws keep sliding, sliding across the smooth floor…. The question then becomes what will stop him.  Will he slide into one of the kids?  Will it be a chair that he knocks into, and what will that hit?  Oh no, please don’t let him slide into the china cabinet…


no-slip indoor dog boots

The times they don't cause a disaster, it’s amusing to watch a big dog slide, bump into something, then bounce right back like it was all part of the plan.  But not everything around your big dog is so strong – like hardwood floors.

When they’re not contributing to furry floor-skating, hardwood floors are taking a hit.  Dogs gain traction with their nails, which leave their mark on hardwood floors.  Those floors don’t shine the same way when they’re covered in scratches from dog nails.

Booties for dogs will save your floors, your dog and anything unlucky enough to be around them.  Their soft fleece lining make them comfortable for your dog to wear around the house and provides a gentle buffer between his nails and your floors.  The skid-resistant soles give your dog sure footing even though his nails are covered, preventing him from sliding across slippery floors.  If he’s not sliding across anything, it also means he’s not sliding into anything, which is good for everything on or around your floors.  

If you have an indoor dog and slick floors, check out the dog booties for hardwood floors.  They'll become your best friend - after your dog, of course.

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