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Puppy Names For Girl Dogs

Picking a name for your new dog takes some thought.  To get you started, we put together a list of our top 50 puppy names for girl dogs.


What should you consider when picking a name?  First of all, it should be something you’ll like saying for a long time.  It needs to be short and easy for a dog to understand, but also something that won’t be confused with any commands.  (For example, "Faye" is short and sweet but sounds like "stay.")  Finally, many people look for names that reflect their dog’s personality.  


Puppy names for girl


Fill in the blank with one of these 50 girl dog names.

(Have a boy?  See our top 50 dog names for male puppies.)


Name Meaning/Origin Perfect For
Aida A reward or gift A dog who was gifted to you
Bijou French for “jewel” A rare type of dog, or a fancy-pants dog
Chelsea A port Dogs who do watersports, like sailing, with their family
Cinnamon A spice from Asia used often in baking Sweet dogs of Asian breeds, like Shar-Peis or Chows
Cleo Glory, version of “Cleopatra” Proud, regal dogs
Cookie Affectionate form of “cook,” a treat Dogs that are extremely food-motivated
Cricket A chirpy insect that jumps A dog that likes to jump and pounce
Daisy A flower; “day’s eye” The dog that loves to wake up early
Daphne Greek nymph who turned into a laurel tree Dogs who love nature
Diamond Bright, brilliant; April birthstone A very smart dog; one born in April
Dolly Gift from God
The dog that came into your life at the perfect time
Dulce Spanish for “sweet” An affection, mild-mannered dog
Echo Greek nymph who talked a lot Dogs that are very vocal
Elan A bright ray of light A cheerful dog with bright eyes
Elsa God’s promise A loyal companion
Empress Noble title, higher than Queen A proud dog who rules the pack
Fairy A small mythical spirit being A dainty dog that is light on her feet, like a Greyhound
Flora Flower; Roman goddess of springtime Pretty dogs born early in the year
Gemma Jewel or precious stone A dog with unusual markings or color
Ginger Peppy, lively A spunky girl
Gretel Pearl Dogs with light-colored coats; classy dogs
Gypsy A wanderer A dog that was found as a stray
Henna Blessed; red plant dye A very special dog with red hair
Hera Highest Greek goddess Determined dogs with a strong personality
Honey Nectar Very sweet dogs
Isis Egyptian goddess of maternity A caring, protective, nurturing dog
Junebug A brown leaf-eating beetle Tan-colored dogs that terrorize your garden
Juno Roman version of Hera A strong, confident dog
Kiwi A tart fruit; bird from New Zealand A spunky dog; one who lives in a tropical place
Kylie Beautiful, graceful A dog that carries herself gracefully
Lulu Precious; peaceful A dog that is always calm
Meadow Grassy field Dogs that love to run outdoors
Opal Gemstone with bright colors Beautiful dogs with lots of personality
Perdita Lost A rescue dog  or one that was found wandering
Phoebe Bright, radiant Dogs that radiate joy and life
Raven Black bird An all-black dog
Roxy Dawn A dog who wakes up early
Saffron A bright yellow-orange spice Dogs with golden or red coats
Sasha Defender of men Protective guard dogs
Sheba Biblical queen; “promise” A regal dog
Stella Star Dogs that love to be the center of attention
Sweet Pea Flower that symbolizes pleasure A loving, happy dog
Trixie Bringer of joy and blessings A lively dog who lights up the home
Tulip Flowers representing perfect love The dog who provides unconditional love
Uma Bright, tranquil Calm, confident dogs
Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty Beautiful, caring dog
Vesta Goddess of the hearth A dog that loves to sit at your feet by the fire
Willow Slender, graceful tree A sleek, outdoorsy dog
Xena Hospitable Dogs that love when guests visit
Zoe Life A high-energy, joyful dog


There they are - the top 50 puppy names for girl dogs.  Did you find a name you like?  Or one that triggered ideas for other names?  Either way, have fun with your new puppy!


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Photo credit:  Poppy Thomas-Hill

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