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Dog Names For Male Puppies

There are a lot of dog names for male puppies, and picking a name for your new puppy is no small matter.  It’s something that represents you and your dog.  You’ll be saying it for 10 to 15 years, so you better like it.  And it needs to work for the dog, something distinct and short that the dog will recognize.  But it can’t sound like a command, or you’ll end up confusing the dog – especially during early training. To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of good names that fit those criteria. There’s sure to be a few in this list to suit every taste. 


Here are our top 50 names for male dogs and their meanings.

(Have a female? Here's our list of 50 puppy names for girl dogs.)


Dog names for male puppies


Name Meaning/Origin Perfect For
Ace Unity, one A dog that loves being around his family
Admiral A high naval military rank Dogs that love the water
Angus Irish name for strength, force, energy A strong dog; a dog with red hair
Apollo Greek god of arts, light, truth Athletic, smart dogs
Bandit Outlaw A mischievous dog; a dog that takes toys and doesn’t give them back
Baron Noble Regal, proud, calm dogs
Beast A large animal Huge dogs, like Mastiffs or Newfoundlands
Bear A large, hairy mammal A big, shaggy dog
Beau Handsome; companion Handsome dogs that like to be by your side
Bravo Excellent, courageous A good working dog
Bruno Comes from German word for “brown” Dogs with brown or caramel colored coats
Bubba Boy, brother A dog joining another dog in the house
Capone Famous gangster A dog who is cool and calm
Conan Little wolf A Husky-type dog
Deisel A strong fuel Dogs with lots of energy
Dragon A mythological fire-breathing reptile Dogs with stinky breath
Duke Noble Regal, proud, calm dogs
Felix Lucky A dog with an amazing rescue or survival story
Genghis Lord A strong, fierce dog
Goliath A giant warrior A huge dog
Gunner Warrior (from “Gunther”) Strong, protective dogs
Hawk/Hawkeye Bird of prey Watchful dogs; hunting dogs
Hudson River in New York Strong dog that loves water
Jet Black gemstone; fast plane Black dogs; fast runners
King Ruler A strong, majestic dog
Leo Lion Dogs with lots of fur; regal dogs
Max The greatest The biggest dog in the house
Midas Character with a golden touch Yellow or golden dogs
Miles Soldier; leader Oldest dog in the house; dogs whose owners love jazz
Moose A large animal with antlers Big dogs with big ears
Orion Mighty hunter Hunting dogs; dogs that love squeak toys
Paco Spanish, variant of “free man” A dog that likes to roam and explore
Pongo One who smells A dog with a strong nose, like a Bloodhound
Poseidon Greek god of the sea Dog that loves the water
Rocky From the rocks Rugged dog who loves the outdoors
Sergeant Officer Dogs that keep the other dogs in line
Sirius Sparkling; “dog” A mutt that doesn’t look like any specific breed
Sparta Militaristic ancient Greeks Long, lean, athletic dogs
Spike Big, heavy nail A dog who acts really tough – but maybe is a big cuddler
Theo Gift of God A sweet, affectionate dog
Thor Thunder; Norse god Big dogs; dogs that thump tails and feet loudly
Thunder A loud sound Dogs that make a lot of noise bounding and running
Turbo A spinning object; speed A high-energy dog that doesn’t stop moving
Viking Norse merchants, warriors, explorers A dog who loves to explore
Viper A type of snake; fast jets Dogs with high speed
Whiskey Water of life A vibrant dog who loves everything
Wyatt Brave Dogs that are curious and not timid
Xerxes Ruler over heroes The biggest dog in the litter
Zack/Zach Remembered by God A dog with a powerful survival story
Zeus Powerful one Stocky, muscular dog; dog that is great at tug-of-war



There they are - our top 50 picks for the best dog names for male puppies.  What more?  Check out the top 20 most popular dog names or the top 10 list of weird dog names.


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Photo credit:  Elise esq.

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