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Dog Retractable Leash: Do's And Don't's

dog retractable leashSome owners swear by their retractable leash.  Some owners use it as an excuse to let their dog run wild.  There are right ways and wrong ways to use a retractable leash, and we’re here to help you discover all the benefits without the risks.

To get the most out of your retractable leash, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Do take advantage of the lock feature.  The great part of a retractable leash is that it’s a long and short leash.  In situations where you need to keep your dog close to you, you can easily lock the leash at whatever length you like.  Later on, you can release the lock with one quick click to give your dog more room and freedom.  You can also lock it at a long length, giving your dog freedom without getting him used to a taut leash.  When not locked, the dog is always pulling against the leash in retract mode.  In teaching a dog to walk well on a leash, the dog is taught that a taut leash is bad (that's what happens when they're pulling) and that loose leash is a reward.  Having the leash in constant unlocked mode defies that teaching because it's always taut.  The lock at a long length gives you the flexibility of a long leash without getting your dog used to a taut leash.

Don’t use the long leash in a heavily populated or trafficked area.  Your dog might be walking close to you on the sidewalk right now, but there’s the danger of your dog pulling and getting enough leash to run ahead into the road or towards an aggressive dog.  Both can have dangerous results.  The closer you are, the quicker you can respond and the more control you have over the situation.

Do use the long leash in open, unpopulated areas where you want to give your dog more freedom without losing control.  This could be open fields, country neighborhoods or anywhere else you’re not likely to be surprised by cars or other animals.

Don’t assume your dog knows how to behave on a retractable leash.  Take the time to get your dog used to walking on a retractable leash in a safe area before using it regularly.  (This happens much quicker with dogs that already walk well on leashes.)

Do use it as a training tool.  Retractable leashes are invaluable in teaching dogs the “stay” and “come” commands.  You can walk away from your dog to call him without having to drop the leash.  If you’re in an open environment, such as a training classroom or outdoors, there’s no substitute for a retractable leash.  

Don’t allow children to use the retractable leash.  They’re not likely to pay attention to potential dangers ahead the way you would, nor would they be able to restrain a big dog that gets a running start.

Do consider other dogs and owners.  Your dog may be completely friendly and want to run up to other dogs, but those dogs may not be as well-mannered.  Use a shorter length and the lock feature when approaching other dogs.

When used correctly and cautiously, a retractable leash does wonders for big dogs and their owners.  It gives the dog more freedom; it helps in training; it's versatile for different situations.  Keep these tips in mind and you’ll see why retractable leashes are so popular. If you'd like one of your own, click here - big dog retractable leash.


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