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Why Large Dog Harnesses Are Essential

large dog harnesses

Have you ever seen your dog wriggle out of a leash and scare the neighborhood kids?  Or seen photos of a car accident involving a large dog?  Then you know why this post is important.


When you take a big dog out, you need something sturdier than a collar.  Here are 3 reasons why large dog harnesses are essential:


1)  Big dogs can't slip out of a harness.  Because a harness goes not just around the neck but also across the chest and around the torso, it is much more secure than a collar.  Your big dog won't wriggle out of a well-fitted harness.


2)  Harnesses make it easier to walk your dog.  With a harness, when you tug on the leash to stop your dog from pulling, the dog feels pressure across its chest - a much larger part of its body than if you pulled on a collar.  This leads to more control over the dog and is a good way to teach a big dog not to pull.  It also prevents the coughing and choking that come from a dog pulling on its collar too hard, which is music to nobody's ears.  Finally, dog harnesses connect to leashes from a buckle on the dog's back, making it nearly impossible for a dog to get its legs tangled in the leash.


3)  Harnesses can keep your dog safe in the car.  We recommend using a dog car restraint when you travel with your dog by car.  In case of an accident, it will prevent your dog from being ejected, potentially saving its life.  While normally a dog car restraint would be needed, many large dog harnesses double as a car restraint.  An excellent example is our lifting dog harness.


If you want more control and security, a large dog harness is for you.  Take a look at our pitbull harness for pulling breeds (pictured above), which provides all 3 benefits listed above.


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