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Should Dogs Wear Shoes?

should dogs wear shoes

We hear it all the time: “My dog is a dog. Why would my dog need dog shoes?  It seems crazy.” I guess most people feel like their dogs run wild in packs, like the wolves. With city dwelling big dogs, there are some situations where does should wear shoes.




Hiking is tough on a dog’s paws. Especially for a dog that spends most of its time in the city, even if in a grass yard, its paws are not used to the terrain seen on a lot of hiking trails. This is doubly true for hot weather climates like Arizona or New Mexico, where dog paws are faced with extremely hot surfaces in addition to everything else. Look for boots with soles that hold traction and breathe to allow your dog's paws to stay cool. Dog hiking boots give your dog's paws the same specialized protection you give yourself every time you lace up your hiking boots. 




The extreme cold is hard on your skin. It’s hard on your big dog’s skin too, and this includes the skin on the pads of his feet. Snow, ice and salt can be especially harsh to unprotected paws. They don't run in packs anymore and their feet aren't used to it the Alaskan wolves. Dog booties for snow keep your big dog’s feet warm, dry and safe.




I know what you are thinking, boots indoors? Why? Well if you've ever seen your big dog come running around the corner on tile floors only to wipe out and slide across the dining room, then you know what I am talking about. Making sure my dog has good footing means saving my family heirloom china - that to me is worth the cost. Dog booties for hardwood floors help your dog maintain traction even on the shiniest, slickest hardwood or tile.




Have you had to watch your dog after a surgery or injury, unable to look away for fear he would tear at the bandages or stitches? Paw protectors for dogs are made to speed healing of injured paws. The protective cover keeps your dog from getting at the injury and its bandages, which would end up requiring another trip to the vet for new bandages. The paw protector is designed to slide on easily over bandages and casts, while being breathable for comfort and healing.  


General protection


If you're looking for a boot that does all of these things - indoors, outdoors, hiking - then the dog boots that stay on are the boots for you. It's not the best at any of these things, but it is a good, all-around boot. Your dog will have protection whether it's rainy out or hot, on pavement or slippery floors.


Big dog boots are pretty handy devices. They protect your dog's feet - and protect valuable items around your big dog too. If they are crazy, then they're crazy like a fox, and you'll look pretty darn clever for using them. 

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