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Traveling With A Dog Made Safer

Traveling with a dog in your car can be dangerous to both you and your dog.  Luckily, there’s an easy solution to make it safer for both you and your dog.

traveling with a dog
How dangerous can it be to have your dog in your car?  AAA and Kurgo, maker of dog car safety products, just released the results of a new study that showed it’s more dangerous than you might think.  According to results of the study:
   •  Over half of drivers (52%) with dogs in the car have taken their hands off the wheel to pet their dog,
   •  Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) have used their arms or hands to keep their dog from climbing into the front seat,
   •  Almost a quarter (23%) have used their arms to protect their dogs while hitting the brakes,
   •  18% pet their dogs while driving,
   •  13% give their dog food or treats while driving,
   •  And 3% have taken a photo of their dog while driving.
Now consider that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that taking your eyes off the road for 2 seconds – just 2! – doubles your chance of getting in an accident.  That’s a lot of accidents involving dogs just waiting to happen.  And as we talked about in this post on dog car travel safety, a car accident with an unrestrained dog can easily turn them into a 2400-pound missile.  Yikes.
But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.  There’s one simple thing you can do to keep you and your dog safe in the car.
Keep your dog restrained.  
This is the best thing you can do by far, yet only 32% of doggie drivers use a car harness.  It keeps your dog from getting ejected in an accident or crashing into your seat; it keeps them from trying to climb into the front seat; it keeps you from being one of the 23% trying to protect your dog while hitting the brakes.  Even if your dog is calm, a dog car harness will protect them in one of those surprise situations where calmness won’t protect them.
The auto zip line for dogs is the perfect solution for dogs who love car rides and whose owners want to keep them safe.  The zip line attaches to your car, either between the seat belts in the back seat or the grab handles above the doors.  The harness then attaches to the zip line, allowing your dog to move comfortably in the back seat without sacrificing safety.  Your dog can look out the window with all the safety of a regular seat belt.  
Click the photo to get your auto zip line and harness today.
It includes a car harness that will keep your dog from being ejected or thrown around the vehicle in an accident or when you have to suddenly slam on your brakes.  This harness keeps dogs from climbing into the front seat too.  It also gives you the flexibility of using it with just a seat belt instead of with the zip line if you like.  If your dog has the back seat to himself, use the harness with the zip line; if he’s got another companion back there, connect his harness to the seat belt and you’re good to go.
Traveling with a dog can be safe as well as fun.  Click here to order your auto zip line for dogs so that you’re making every car ride safer for you and your dog.
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