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Dog Travel Supplies: Making Your Doggie Diaper Bag

dog travel supplies

Looking for a bag to carry your dog supplies? Check out the Ultimate Dog Travel Bag. For a packing list for dog travel, keep reading.


If you’re taking a small child out, you pack a diaper bag.  It carries the necessities like diapers, snacks, something to clean up messes.  Likewise, when you’re traveling with your big dog, you need specific dog travel supplies to make the trip a successful one.  

Necessary dog travel supplies vary based on the trip, but here are some basic dog travel supplies.  These are handy even for short trips around town.


   •  Poop bags.  You should have these on you wherever you take your big dog, even if it’s a walk around the park.  Anytime dog feces are left behind, other people see it and curse dog people.  Let’s stop that phenomenon.
   •  Water and a bowl.  You should have instant access to water for your dog at all times.  A collapsible dog bowl for travel is easy to store and use.
   •  Treats or a clicker to reward good behavior.  Consistent reinforcement will encourage more good behavior, even in new or distracting environments. 
   •  Leash, collar, tags and a current photo of your pet.  In case your big dog gets loose or runs off he has ID on him to get him home and you have a photo to show people who you are looking for.  Microchips are another great tool; if your big dog’s collar comes off, he still has ID on him.
   •  Phone numbers for your regular vet and an emergency vet on your cell phone.  In emergencies where every second counts, you don’t want to be scrambling for these numbers. 

For longer trips, like day trips or out-of-town trips, you’ll need a few other dog travel supplies:

   •  Phone number for a nearby vet.  If you're far from home, you don't want to be left searching in a new environment if there's an emergency.
   •  Food.  Keep your dog on its regular feeding schedule as much as possible.  If you’ll be doing strenuous physical activity, make sure you bring enough food to keep your dog nourished. 
   •  More poop bags.  There’s no such thing as too many poop bags.
   •  A dog first aid kit.  Some things can be treated by anyone with dog first-aid training and don’t need a vet visit.  Other times, it’s a great first-response until you get to a vet.
   •  A crate or blanket from home.   This will give your big dog a familiar safe place so he feels comfortable.
   •  A slicker dog brush.  Dogs shed more when they’re under stress (which a new environment can cause), so you may want to brush your dog to minimize the mess.  It can also be calming to big dogs who love being groomed.

Some of the dog travel supplies listed are ones that you’ll definitely need and some are in case of trouble.  Either way, with these supplies handy you can be sure that you’re setting up your trip with your big dog to be a happy, safe and successful one.  


If you're planning a trip for your big dog, click on any of the blue links above to see a recommended product for your doggie diaper bag.  They're great for travel.


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