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Truck Safety For Fido

truck safetyIt’s not uncommon to see a big dog riding in the back of a pickup truck.  But did you know that in many places, it’s illegal to have an unrestrained dog in a truck bed?  It’s true – so many dogs have been killed or injured riding in the back of a truck that laws either ban the practice entirely or have requirements for dog truck safety.  


A Dog Truck Tether is designed to keep your dog safe and keep you from getting pulled over.  The safest part of a truck bed for a dog is just behind the cab.  It offers the least amount of wind, reducing the potential for eye injury from flying objects.  And with one wall of the cab there, it protects your dog by reducing the potential for ejection from the bed.


What the Dog Restraint Truck Tether does is take advantage of these safety points next to the cab and raising the safety several levels.  A tether that runs along the cab, from one side of the bed to the other, keeps your dog in the safest part of the truck bed at all times.  The clip moves along this tether, allowing your dog the freedom to move without sacrificing his safety.  


The Dog Restraint Truck Tether is best used with a dog safety harness.  These are developed to do 2 things:  1) secure your dog to prevent ejection in an accident and 2) distribute the force of impact so minimize injury to your dog.  Together with the truck tether, it will keep your dog safe in the event of an accident.


If your dog rides in the back of your truck, invest in your dog and his truck safety.


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