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What Does Your Big Dog Say About Your Career?

big dog at workThink your job has nothing to do with your big dog (except paying for food and vet bills)?  Think again - the kind of pets people own may say something about what kind of career they have.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, owners of different pets have different types of careers.  Among the findings:

   •  Dog owners were more likely to:
      o  Hold senior management positions, such as CEO, CFO and the like
      o  Have positions in nursing, IT, entertainment, military and academics

   •  Cat owners were more likely to:
      o  Be in scientific fields, like lab technicians or doctors, plus fields including real estate, machine operators and personal caretakers


   •  Reptile owners were more likely to:
      o  Report earning a six-figure income
      o  Have positions in engineering, social work, editing/writing, marketing, public relations and law enforcement

   •  Bird owners were more likely to:
      o  Say they were happy with their jobs
      o  Have jobs in construction, sales, advertising and administration

These results are pretty interesting.  There are so many jokes to be made about cat owners being personal caretakers.  It reminds me of a sign I once saw in a vet office:  “Dogs have owners; cats have staff!”  

Looking at these points, it’s unclear whether the career choices are coincidences for each type of pet owner or if there’s something deeper at work.  Are we drawn to certain careers for the same reason we’re drawn to dogs?  Do we have similar results because of things we learn from our dogs?  When I look at the dog owners being more likely to be in management positions, it seems like that could result from loyalty and getting work done while watching over others – traits that many dogs possess.  Or is it just coincidence?

Do you see these in your career choices or those of your fellow dog owners?  We’re curious – tell us if you think this is true or not over at the Facebook page.

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Photo credit:  Augie Schwer

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