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Vacation With Dog In These Dog-Friendly Cities

Vacation with dog

Do you enjoy traveling with your dog? just released a list of the 10 best US cities to vacation with dog.  Here are the cities and what they offer.

10)  Indianapolis – The city offers lots to do with your dog.  Nature preserves, parks, trails, and historic sites are open to four-legged visitors, as are many other tourist sites.  
9) New York – Many of its high-end hotels allow dogs, as do famous stores popular with tourists.  And who can forget Central Park?  
8)  Alexandria, VA/ Washington DC – You can’t beat the capitol for history, and dogs are allowed at many of the sights.  If your dog is the sea-faring kind, check out the dog-friendly cruise of the Potomac.
7)  Austin – The Texas city known for music festivals also has many dog-friendly parks and outdoor eateries that allow canines to dine.
6)  Minneapolis – According to, the entire city is welcoming to dogs.  They also recommended the city for its many hiking trails and parks, as well as dog-friendly dining opportunities.
5)  Philadelphia – Another historic city that welcomes dogs.  Historic sites from the founding days of America – and, of course, cheese steaks.
4)  Seattle – Another city that is very dog-friendly overall.  You can even take public transportation with a leashed dog, which makes getting around town really easy for visitors.
3)  San Diego – You see dogs everywhere in this town.  There’s a beach dedicated to dogs, as well as other dog-friendly beaches, trails, and shopping.
2)  Chicago – Dogs are welcome in the world-renowned Navy Pier, many find dining venues, gorgeous parks, and even on tour boats of Lake Michigan.
1)  Portland – Often cited as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, it makes a great vacation spot for the whole family.  Furry family members can join you at the famous Rose Gardens, as well as hotels, stores, tourist attractions, restaurants and more.  
It's wonderful to see more and more places acknowledging the role that dogs play in our lives.  Gone are the days of having to board your dog when you go on vacation or leave him behind in the hotel room!
Have you enjoyed any of these cities when you vacation with dog?  Tell us what you thought and where other Posse members should go!  Leave your comments on the Facebook page.
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