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What Does A Dog Wound Boot Do?

Dog Wound Boot

Paw injuries are common for dogs. They use their paws for everything from transportation to play, and they often go without protection. If your dog ends up with a paw injury, you’ll be thankful to have a dog wound boot on hand.


Because dogs use their paws so much, injuries are more likely to take a long time to heal. Wound boots protect your dog’s paw from further injury and irritation, therefore keeping your dog from lengthening his own healing time.


Here are 4 types of paw injuries a boot will protect.


Open sores/wounds

Open wounds hurt and itch while they’re healing. Anyone who’s ever told a child not to pick at a scab knows how hard it can be to deter someone from making the sore worse, and it’s even harder to explain to a dog. By protecting your dog’s paw with a specially designed boot, you’re keeping him from picking at the sore and making it worse. You’re also protecting it from potential infection.



If your dog has sutures/stitches on his paw, he’ll try to get them out. That’s best left for a vet at the appropriate time and not your dog’s teeth. To keep him from playing vet, cover sutures so they stay in place.


Irritation/excessive licking

Dogs with allergies often lick their paws, and some do so to the point of licking them raw. Prevent this by covering the affected paw. You’ll also need to work on the source of the allergies, but this will keep your dog from licking his paws raw until he gets allergy relief.


Anything that requires bandages, creams, or medication

Dogs are funny about foreign substances. They’ll roll around in anything stinky but heaven forbid you put something medical and useful on them. They’ll lick it until they’re satisfied even a Bloodhound wouldn’t know a medication had been there. Keep bandages, creams, or medications where they can do their job healing an injury by protecting and covering them.


If your pup needs a dog wound boot, we recommend the  paw protector for dogs pictured above. It is specially designed to go on your dog’s paw easily, without disturbing sensitive injuries or carefully-placed bandages. Warm, moist areas are breeding grounds for infection, so this boot’s breathable fabric allows your dog’s paw to stay cool and dry as it heals. It's a great tool to have on hand if your dog is one of the many that experiences a paw injury.


Click here to get your paw protector for dogs.


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