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When The Dog Makes Decisions

I take my dog wherever I can: the farmer’s market, family events, for a quick car ride if I just have to swing by the pharmacy drive-thru. Even when I can’t take her along, she’s still there. Last year, I was on my honeymoon and relaxing at a restaurant with my new husband. I looked down at the table and saw something I didn’t expect to see: Nala hair. On the table. In another country. That dog really is with me everywhere I go. 

That’s why this video made me laugh so much.
I gave up on the dog hair years ago. But apparently it’s worse than I thought, as my mother just gifted me a set of reusable lint rollers (thanks, Mom!). Now I just have to get back in the habit of using them...
While I do a lot for Nala, she does far more for our family. I could list examples for days, but the point is this: I get far more from my dog than I feel I give her. Whenever I have the opportunity to make life more comfortable or fun for her, I take it.
Which is why she has a say in my next car. While I absolutely LOVE the fiery red coupe I have now, I got it before Nala was born and am just plain lucky she can hop into the back seat. 
As my husband and friends with kids like to point out, one day Nala will need to share the back seat with a car seat, and that’s not very likely with a big dog and a small car. Each time the conversation comes up, my husband and I settle on one name: Subaru. It’s funny; we haven’t settled on a name for our future children but we have for our next dog and our next car. And naturally, we want to make sure that Nala likes both. For all she does for us, it’s the least I can do for her.
For fun, I checked out the Subaru Dog Matchmaker which matches the perfect Subaru to your dog. Yep, what Nala likes -- not my preferences. I love it. The result? An Outback, which is exactly what I was leaning towards anyway. It’s got plenty of space without being a big van or SUV.
(Let’s be honest here: I get annoyed when people can’t park their SUVs, and I’m pretty sure I couldn't park one well. My coupe has me spoiled.)
One of these days, we’re going to pay a visit to Grant Weber.
Like Grant, sometimes I see something my dog has done and say, “I don’t want to know.” 
Wondering what kind of car your dog would like? Check out the Subaru Dog Matchmaker for yourself.
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FTC disclosure: This post is sponsored by Subaru as part of the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign. At, we only work with companies we know and trust.

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