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Why Socializing Your Dog Is Worth Your Time

As a professional pet sitter in Scottsdale, I see it all the time. Pet parents are so over protective about their pets or just want to keep them all to themselves that they forget the socialization aspect.


Just like a child, pet socialization is uber important. When that pup grows up to adult hood, you want him well socialized. Bringing your pup out into the public at an early age will help with all of this:


Noises: Often times the world can be full of some strange noises. The garbage truck, music, the backing up of a chair as it drags across the floor… these are all everyday sounds that if a pup is exposed to earlier in life wouldn’t be as surprising as if they were hearing it for the first time after a year of age.


Smells: Our world is full of incredible smells. When a pet isn’t socialized they might be overwhelmed when they finally break free of their “normal” environment and be over stimulated. By getting out of the house, walking and playing in new areas, this will show your pup the different smells of the world.


People: People come in all shapes and sizes. Some dogs only like women and dislike men. Some don’t like ball caps, and others don’t like children. By exposing them to an array of people right from the start, it helps eliminate any discrimination against people therefore enabling you to take them out more as they get older. I used to take my pup to AJ’s Fine Foods and work on the patio in the mornings. He would get to see, hear, and smell all the experiences and people that walked by.


Other pets: By exposing your dog to other pets at an early age will help them understand basic pet etiquette. You sniff my butt, I mark over your spot, etc. They learn what a friendly encounter is and if they are never shown that another pet might approach them in a certain way they could become scared and aggressive in self defense to them for it.


Properly socializing your pet is hugely important. When they are properly socialized you can:


  • Bring them to pet friendly events
  • Bring them to pet friendly establishments
  • Bring them to doggie day care
  • Take them on walks with friends or neighbors


Socializing has a lot of benefits and helps your dog learn confidence about the world around him.


This article has been provided by Bella Vasta of Bella’s House & Pet Sitting in Scottsdale, Az. They are a locally and nationally award winning pet care company and a national leader in the industry.


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Photo credit: Jeff Ro

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