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Why Working With Your Dog Rocks

Ever wondered what it's like working with your dog? Here's my take on why it's such a great experience (transcript below).




Hi, I’m Sonia, this is Nala, and I just wanted to take a couple minutes and share with you why I feel so lucky that I get to work with Nala Monster all day. One reason is that when you’re working long hours, it’s easier to get through the day when you have a dog around to help you feel better. Science has finally proved what us dog owners have known for years, and that’s dogs are good for you. Petting a dog lowers your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and whether you’re having a rough day or you’re just kind of stuck on a project, it’s great having a dog walk up so you can pet them and in a few minutes feel better, both physically and emotionally. Nala and I are pretty  closely bonded, and she just has this uncanny ability to know when I need that. And so she’ll just walk up and, even if I just absent-mindedly pet her, it makes me feel better and it makes me be able to get back to work and be more productive again.

She makes me take mental breaks and physical breaks, which are certainly necessary for me. You’ve probably done this too: I tend to get into projects and once I get into them, I don’t stop. Nala’s really good at reminding me I need to have some balance. She’ll come up and she’ll nudge me for some affection if I’ve been focused on my computer too long or sitting in my chair too long. She’ll bring me a toy and suddenly it’s play time. I’ll get up, we play fetch, play tug of war, when the weather’s nice we’ll go out for a walk. It’s a great physical break, and that’s good for you too. So she keeps me from getting too bogged down in my work.

She’s also a fantastic co-worker. Think about all the things you love in a good co-worker: supportive, non-judgmental, a good listener, and they won’t take what you tell them back to the office water cooler as gossip. A dog does all of those things for you. And this dog with her big brown ears and big old bat ears, she’s a really great listener.

Finally, she is just funny. Dogs make us laugh all the time with their antics and this one is no exception. Whether it’s her trying to attack a fly because how dare a fly come into the house or the sound she makes while she’s sleeping at my feet or the thumping of her tail under my desk that makes it sound like there’s a T-Rex stomping around under there, she makes me laugh. Laughing is good for you and it’s wonderful having such a comedian at my side all the time.

So those are just a few of the many many many reasons why I’m so lucky to work with my dog. If you have the opportunity to work with your dog, to take your dog to work, I highly recommend it. If you have to convince your boss to do it, there are tons of reasons why it’s good for morale, good for productivity to take a dog in. And if you have experiences doing it, please share them with us. We’d love to hear abyt how other members of the Paw Posse are enjoying working with their dogs.

So thank you, have a great day.

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