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10 Ideas For Celebrating National Dog Day 2011

National Dog Day 2011

Friday, August 26th, is National Dog Day 2011! Here are 10 ways to show your dog how special he or she is in your life.


1)  Go for an extra-long walk. Spend some time really bonding with your dog. Maybe visit a new park for an extra dose of excitement.


2)  Set up a doggie playdate with your dog’s favorite furry friend.  Or check out for dog-centered events in your area.


3)  Take your dog out to dinner – enjoy a meal outside on a pet-friendly patio. Or stay home and make your dog a canine cake. 


4)  Give your dog a good brushing.  It’s a great chance for bonding. Brush with one hand and pet your dog with the other. Massage his ears, rub under his chin, scratch his chest between brush strokes. 


5)  If your dog isn’t a fan of brushing, get down on the floor for a long belly rub. See if you can find that magical tickle spot that makes your dog’s leg kick like crazy.


6)  Remember homeless dogs. Ask friends to donate dog toys, blankets, and towels, then take them down to your favorite shelter. Shelters are often short on these basic necessities to care for and entertain dogs looking for their forever homes.


7)  Get your dog a new large dog toy. Dogs get bored when they have the same toys all the time, so hide a couple old stand-bys and add a new one to the mix. After a month or two, bring one or two of the hidden ones back and hide some other toys.



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8)  Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and annual exam. An annual exam is a great chance to catch any problems early, saving your dog pain. Vaccines not only keep your dog from getting sick but from passing diseases to other dogs too. If you’re not sure about vaccines, talk to your vet about titers – tests that determine if your dog has enough immunity built up or if vaccines are needed. 


9)  Have a family portrait taken – furry family members included. This can be a casual shoot in the backyard with a neighbor or friend wielding the camera, or you can go all out and hire a professional pet photographer. (Need help? Check out our best dog photography tips.)


10)  Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter inside a Kong, freeze it overnight, then let your dog enjoy the next day. If you really want to go wild, mash a banana and add it in there too. It’s a tasty treat that will keep him entertained. 


There are countless ways to recognize the value your dog brings to your life. How will you be celebrating National Dog Day 2011?


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Photo credit: Bowi the Boxer

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