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11 Thanks For Dogs

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for…

  1)  Sheba, my first dog, a German Shepherd-Keeshond mix who was everything a dog should be and set the bar ridiculously high for every other dog I’d meet.  She inspired my lifelong love for dogs.

sheba and sonia
I really miss this dog.

  2)  All the dogs we’ve had since – ornery white German Shepherd mix Duke, happy-go-lucky Lab mix Lucky, crazy Pomeranian Topi and mystery mutt Nala.

  3)  Puppy training classes.  It set the foundation for the training Nala continues to get.  (Also, I can’t tell you how many times “leave it” has stopped Nala from eating dog poop at the park.  If not for the puppy training, we may not have learned that command.)

  4)  Living next to a beautiful park with 4 acres of off-leash dog park.  Not every community has one and I’m very grateful to have one so close by.

  5)  All the volunteers across the country who work with shelters, fosters, rescues and abused dogs.  It’s tough work and these volunteers do incredible work for dogs that need it most.

  6)  Cool stuff for my big dog.  She deserves every form of love I can think of, and that includes fun stuff.


dog hoodies for large dogs

Nala looks pretty rockin' in her hoodie, doesn't she?

  7)  The internet.  It has allowed lots of us dog lovers to come together, support each other and share experiences across the miles.

  8)  A job that allows me to be with my big dog every day, and to meet other big dogs and their owners.

  9)  Opportunities to learn from those who know more about dogs than I do, and to share that knowledge with other dog lovers.

  10)  An incredible community of big dog lovers that is the Paw Posse!

  11)  Taking a chance on a puppy I met once and completely fell for.  I can’t imagine my life without Nala.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the crew!

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